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Posted on Thursday, 2 December 2010 8:16 a.m.

Enduring Powers of Attorney or EPOA for short. With the recent newspaper article and investigation going on it is worth looking into this.

What follows is my understanding of what is required.

If a resident does not have the capacity to make a decision and has an EPOA then this must be legally activated and the facility must receive a copy of this activation (it is not enough to just have the EPOA paperwork it must be act...

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Integrated audit process

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Posted on Monday, 6 December 2010 10:54 p.m.

So far there haven't been too many problems around this process other then some of the auditors not interpreting the contract as it should be. For that reason it is important that you know the contract in case the auditor gets it wrong. The progress reports are now being managed by the DHB designated person and once again not a lot of feedback either way.

I have had a couple of discussions regarding the resuscitation orders and ...

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Good report writing

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Posted on Monday, 13 December 2010 8:10 a.m.

Good report writing is important.

Progress notes, incident, accidents and infection control reports all become part of resident’s file. These records are saved for 10 years after the person passes away. The writer of these entries can be questioned about their report years after the event and if the report is not clear nobody would be able to recall an event so many years later if the report is not written in a factual, obj...

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