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Are you struggling with your policies and procedures? Find it difficult to keep up with all the changes? Come audit time you realise that information is not up to date? If the answer to the above is yes then join hundreds of other aged care providers.

Jelica has developed its own set of policies and procedures, evaluation tools, and adaptable processes for conducting evaluations which can be tailored to specific needs.

Clients have appreciated the comprehensive approach and related knowledge. 

Here is a total tried and tested Quality Programme tailor-made for aged care! It is imperative to have the right policies and procedures implemented to ensure compliance of our service. All policies and procedures, including the related work forms, are written in a very user friendly manner and understandable to all staff.  

All users of the programme become part of keeping the programme up to date which means that a lot of health care professionals have input into the programme.  

Each policy also becomes a training tool for your staff. This is not only cost effective but also ensures that staff receives consistent training relating to your own procedures and service.

The programme comes on CD and can be personalised for your facility. It is then a straightforward matter to put the policies and procedures into practice in your facility.  

This gives you total control of policies and procedures and you can personalise and change as many times as you like. After the initial purchase you don’t pay anything anymore.

This programme was first developed in 1990 and has been constantly updated to reflect current requirements. It covers each area of the relevant services within a facility and includes the following manuals with policies and procedures: Nursing, Staffing, Administration, Quality System, Forms, Health and Safety, Fire and Emergencies, Cleaning, Laundry, Food, Gardening and Maintenance, Internal audits. 

The programme includes quality and risk management guidelines and the required forms to record exception reports, collation of the data and what to be aware of when investigating incidents and accidents.

If you decide to purchase the programme, or parts thereof, you receive FREE updates through email whenever and as long as I can.  

I invite you to contact me if you have problems with just one or two policies as I am happy to help you out.  

For more information and to receive the order form and licence agreement, contact me on 09 5795204, 021 311055 or [email protected]